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Membership is free for all New Orleans licensed tour guides and company (anyone affiliated with the company).

We are currently focused on two threats to the industry.

First: The city administration has arbitrarily decided to make changes before even mentioning them to the industry. The changes will harm our members financially and unnecessarily disrupt the industry. Instead, we want the city to properly enforce the current city code. In the future, we plan to offer free educational training classes for tour guides and collect a small amount of money to help cover the costs related to tourism, for example at cemeteries. Unlike the owners of the historical cemeteries in our city, our financial records will always be easy to find and understand online for all to see. We are also in the process of being recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit so 


Second: The industry is at risk of permanently losing free access to all Louisiana public cemeteries. New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries (NOCC) and Cemetery Tours NOLA LLC (CTN) have excluded all other licensed tour guides and companies from St. Louis Cemeteries Nos. 1 & 2, and they intend to do the same with all of the NOCC cemeteries. The City of New Orleans also intends to charge for access to its public cemeteries. Our affiliated association ACTGC.ORG is currently in litigation to stop them because all of NOCC's cemeteries are religious cemeteries, which means they are public and located on land dedicated to the general public. ACTGC has offered 

By joining today as a member, you will have a chance to complete a survey providing us with the information we need in our fight for you.

You can read the First Amended Complaint here; it was amended to make our subsidiary association ACTGC the plaintiff to represent the interests of its members. It had 67 members on 1/10/22.


We have three main reasons to exist:

1) protect industry and public rights relating to public spaces, 

2) advance industry and public education relating to tourism law, and

3) preserve public spaces to benefit society and lessen the burdens of government.

Membership: Membership
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